Once upon a time

I don’t have a very good memory. However, whatever details I do remember about anything are those little details people normally do not remember. 

Last year, I wasn’t emotionally or mentally at peace. I also didn’t want to forget whatever was happening with me. I wanted to look back and remember those days again. Like a story. 

So, I began writing diary. 

I had one, but I recorded my poems in that. I began recording my life and felt different. I started pouring out my heart and my mind started clearing up. 

The weather of my heart started changing and my words translated into something beautiful, my strength. 

I always believe that writing is a two way process. You learn from it and your words empower you. Writing is cathartic as well. 

I was directionless. I needed a map. A way. And I found it too. 

I didn’t get answers to all my questions, but I made peace with myself. I was at peace with not having my questions answered. I became okay with not having a direction. I became okay with everything not normal and uncertain. 

I evolved. 

It’s like playing games. You win, you lose. But if you change your perception, your failures become success, a way to learn. 

It’s like driving a car without directions and being okay with getting lost because it’ll lead you to find new ways. 

Eventually, you’ll be home. 

This life may be a test, but you’ve got to learn from it. 

Once upon a time, life became beautiful ever since.