A feminist’s voice

It really saddens me that many things in life are generalised. We’re all aware of life conditions of women in a patriarchal society. But what about men? Why are they ignored? Just because men don’t speak about their emotions openly doesn’t mean they’re not prisoners of societal mindset. Men face atrocities like harassment, molestation and are raped too. But they just can’t speak up. And even if they do try, nobody listens.

What about men who face atrocities just like women? ‘The responsibility bearers, strong one, less emotional, etc.’ Stop tagging them this way. Nothing in the world can be generalised. You can’t generalise the fact that only women are prisoners of patriarchy because even men who don’t want to conform to the institution are forced to do so against their will. And then there are men who stand up against it.

Maybe it’s time we stop stereotyping. We need to give men the space to be heard. We need to break the mindset that says ‘Be a man’. How do you define a man? Someone who’s strong, hides emotions and is more or less like a robot?

The reason we hear less about atrocities against men is that most of them feel embarrassed to come up to speak about it. Before shutting them up, let them speak.

It doesn’t make me less of a feminist on having said all of this. I support gender equality and I want both women and men to be heard.

And lastly, not all men are the same. Generalising them as same would be doing injustice to good ones.

Every voice is important. Free the voices from the void that you create because they’ll tell you a story that yearns to be heard.