Gravitating towards love 

​People gravitate towards love. As I write this one line, I reflect upon my own reality. Flashback hits me and I think of all the times I thought I was loved and my intuition warned me about the contrary. Why didn’t I Iisten to it then? I should have. But people want to be loved. It’s the universal truth. I think people always find their way to those who love them endlessly, eventually. Maybe it is necessary to meet people who pretend to love you until you find out the truth and gain some wisdom. And maybe, just maybe, you let go of them somehow at some point and meet those who really make you feel loved genuinely. Maybe going through a rough road is actually the path to reaching where you should, where you belong. As I look outside the window, people pass by, busy in their lives, I realise this journey would also result in learning to love myself in places that was missing my love; filling hate with love, insecurities with confidence. 

Yes, people gravitate towards love. 

– Bezubaan (Coming soon)



​The last leaf fell and I’m still here. Here, because I chose to grow again, rise again, live again. Why choose to survive when you can live? My glass has become foggy and I’m trying to write my own name. It won’t stay here forever. Just like you. My coffee is still warm and it’s making me smile, reminding me of days when I’d devote my love and time to it while also carving few words in my diary. Strong and wonderful, that’s how I’d describe it. You were the last leaf, fallen and gone. I could have painted you and you would have stayed. I did. I painted you in my words. But time has it’s own game to play and you had to leave. You left not knowing what I wrote in those pages of my diary, what I kept within myself, what I felt about you. You were my autumn, beautiful even when you were broken and I haven’t yet let you go. You’re still my autumn, a peaceful beauty. 

Bezubaan (Coming soon)


After waiting for several days, my book is no more enrolled in KDP Select. I can now give it away for free! Why? Simple: spread of ideas. I don’t care about selling my book for money. I want people to read and reflect, to discuss. This has been my intention since the beginning, but being enrolled in KDP Select, I didn’t have much choice.  I realised it doesn’t let me give my book away for free for as long as I wanted, which I hadn’t known well enough before enrolling. I now have the option and I’m going for it.

Blue Ashes is a chapbook containing poems about love, loss, grief, death, inspiration. I’ve always loved metaphors and I’ve used a lot of them in this book to convey my message.

Click here to download the book —> Blue Ashes 

Carpe diem!

Let’s be weak 

Yeah, you read it right. Let’s be weak. 

Most of us would be familiar with the fact that being strong is considered good. If you’re strong, you can handle anything. You have to be strong because that’s desirable. It’s a compliment. 

Being weak, on the other hand, is undesirable. It almost sounds like a mocking remark or something that’s said to make you feel inferior. Being weak isn’t, in any way, considered right or acceptable. 

Weakness is important. It really is. It’s a way of letting go of all that you’ve held for long. Weakness is an outlet of suppressed emotions. You have to let yourself be weak and emotional. How are you going to be strong if you don’t allow yourself to be weak?

Every person is a mix of both, but not everyone accepts being weak even to themselves. This is what is important; accepting it to yourself, accepting yourself. 

The perception shaping weakness is so wrong. Weakness is an integral part of our being and we need to change the perception for our own good, for our mental health. 

It’s okay if you can’t go on and if you want to cry, but don’t give up. Take your time being weak and crying and fearing and hurting because once that passes, you’re going to make through. No matter what, you are going to make through anything and everything. Weakness doesn’t mean giving up. It means being strong enough to accept and face your feelings as they are. It means being strong enough to break so that you can mend again. 

Weakness is cathartic.