Being a girl is adventurous!

Being a girl in a patriarchal world is a challenge worth living. Somehow, it shouldn’t even be an issue, but it is. Equality is an issue. That’s one natural thing that’s considered unnatural. 

Being an honest girl is more of an issue than being a girl is. People have a problem with honesty. They have a problem with truth. They have a problem with anything that’s going to show them a mirror. We all have at least some moments when we don’t want to accept our mistakes. Some people have those moments all the time. They’re going to defend their mistakes when you call them out. 

If you’re a girl who is honest, upfront, and reasonable, you’re going to face problems. Nobody warns you about it. So, be prepared. 

A girl who can speak her mind is insolent. A girl who is honest is impolite. A girl who can stand up for her and others is disrespectful. 

A girl isn’t a human. She is subject to public scrutiny. The world has every right to rip her character apart, impose rules and regulations on her and make sure she follows, control her so that she doesn’t act differently, like herself. Those who rebel and go their own way aren’t obedient, good girls. They’re those girls people want to keep their sons and daughters away from. 

Look, we’re all in the same team, okay? You find a girl who’s done nothing, but is an easy target because she is honest, then blame everything on her. You find a girl who can take a stand, then blame all the problems on her. It’s fun to paint her character black. A bit of a lie about her character wouldn’t do any harm. 

Just talk rubbish about her too. It adds to the fun. She must be used to it. After all, she’s a girl. She should know her character is always judged. She should know that all her life, she’s supposed to follow rules everyone makes for her. The best ones would have a perfect life and by that, we all mean a good husband (mostly, every husband is always and eternally good, unless he is a feminist and believes in equality), well behaved kids, a good job that doesn’t require her to speak her mind, and she’d play all the roles to perfection. Punish her if she doesn’t follow rules.  Besides, it’s our right to say anything we want to about her reputation. She has to pay for her rudeness. Girls should stay in their limit (ones that we define, not the girls themselves).  Teach her a lesson. She was born inferior and weak. Blame her mother for raising her to become so independent. 

Ssshh, girl. Don’t you dare say anything to them. They’re never wrong. You are. You always will be. See, it’s simple. You can be as patriarchal, prejudiced like them and you’re a good person. If you deviate from this, don’t blame them if they spread rumours. You know they’re right. 

Listen, since you’re a girl, be prepared for others to be a challenge to you. Your life is going to be extremely adventurous. People are going to team up against you. They’re going to say wonderfully nasty things about you. It doesn’t mean anything to them at all. You see, insensitivity is the way of life. So, sit back and relax. You’re living a life you never imagined you ever would. 

Trust no one. Believe in yourself.