Let’s be weak 

Yeah, you read it right. Let’s be weak. 

Most of us would be familiar with the fact that being strong is considered good. If you’re strong, you can handle anything. You have to be strong because that’s desirable. It’s a compliment. 

Being weak, on the other hand, is undesirable. It almost sounds like a mocking remark or something that’s said to make you feel inferior. Being weak isn’t, in any way, considered right or acceptable. 

Weakness is important. It really is. It’s a way of letting go of all that you’ve held for long. Weakness is an outlet of suppressed emotions. You have to let yourself be weak and emotional. How are you going to be strong if you don’t allow yourself to be weak?

Every person is a mix of both, but not everyone accepts being weak even to themselves. This is what is important; accepting it to yourself, accepting yourself. 

The perception shaping weakness is so wrong. Weakness is an integral part of our being and we need to change the perception for our own good, for our mental health. 

It’s okay if you can’t go on and if you want to cry, but don’t give up. Take your time being weak and crying and fearing and hurting because once that passes, you’re going to make through. No matter what, you are going to make through anything and everything. Weakness doesn’t mean giving up. It means being strong enough to accept and face your feelings as they are. It means being strong enough to break so that you can mend again. 

Weakness is cathartic. 

Lost bonds

Have you ever had a moment when you’re looking at someone and you see all your memories with them, where you realise that you’ve lost everything and everyone you had, where you’re all not the same person you used to be?

I’ve had that moment. Even if you know you don’t want to go back, you feel bad about it all. There’s a life that you’ve left behind and you meet it somewhere on the way to the new one, feeling hurt about the ways of people and how it’s affected you. You see that life on their faces. All of you know there’s something wrong, yet everyone prefers not to show it. There’s an incredible amount of unfamiliarity in the air. Everything has changed and so has everyone. Life’s never the same again.

How does it feel to lose all, to be left with a handful of people by your side? Honestly, that hurts. At the same time, you really realise that the ones left are the ones who truly love you. 

We all may have different reasons to feel hurt about, yet we all express it in one common way; through tears. How many tears we’d have shed to wash away the hurt, yet the scars still remain fresh? They always will.

It’s terrible to lose bonds. It’s even more terrible to be living with fake ones. They say love is eternal, so is hurt, so are scars. 

Be careful with who you hurt. It’s going to come back to you too someday. Karma does exist. 

The beginning

Here’s what I’ve learned in life and how. This is just the beginning, I believe. (Click here)

When something can break you, it can also unleash a power in you to put it back together.

That life-threatening incident turned out to be the most wonderful phase of my life.

When a story ends, it leaves behind a ‘phrase’, a phrase that is the beginning of a new story.