Happiness is an antidote

We are stuck in this world trying to be adults with authority and control.

“Happiness is an antidote,” said my professor. She asked us what we think happiness is. I could not comprehend her idea. In the next few months, it became a huge question in my life.

My professor’s idea of happiness has not left my mind. I found myself in a situation that forced me to contemplate it.

We are stuck in this world trying to be adults with authority and control. In reality, if you ever look at the bigger picture, you will see that little things matter. Everybody is on a journey to learn and only a few apply the knowledge they get from experience. We grow as a person, not in numbers.

There is a reason why children are happier than adults are. They do not spend much time stressing over anything. They live in a world of possibilities. 
One of my teachers always said that problems are like stones, the nearer you hold the bigger they appear. I believe in it.

I have had moments of hopelessness and helplessness. I have felt lost and directionless. Then, as if it was all magic, I changed my perception. I realised that life is highly uncertain.

I was told to live for a day. I did not know how to, so I learned to. I try to be satisfied with my day, leaving no regrets. I started believing there’s no tomorrow.

Have faith, nothing lasts forever and your situation would change eventually.

This is my second life, the one I’m not going to take for granted, the one I’ve decided to spend doing what I love the most.

Lastly, I realised that I could find happiness within myself. I am the one who can change the way I see life and hence, find happiness.

Happiness is an antidote. I finally understand.


This article was published in Gulf News.


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