Coming Home

It’s been years since we attained independence; since we have been free to be. People have changed, the time has too, and so has this country. We’ve come very far, oh this country of mine!

We’ve fought battles together, some you fought before I came into being, and some you fought while I have been here. And in all those battles, you’ve been strong. You’ve proven time and again that whether or not you win, you will keep fighting and have faith in your people. We have faith in you, my country.

With the turbulence hitting this decade, this time, you’ve been upset, I know. Worry not, motherland, you shall fight again.

The diverse colours that define you, those rivers that flow with harmony, the people united by their differences, all of them shall be home soon. They have been wandering off lately, but they’ll be home. They’ve been angry, upset, they have shed tears and blood. They’ve been everything that hasn’t been symbolic of you. Nevertheless, they shall be home to peace.

They shall be home to the times of tolerance, to the times of beautiful showcase of strength in every situation. Their faith may have deviated, but they are just wandering. They are not lost. They shall be free from the destructive ideas and thoughts.

Till then, I have faith in you, in your ability to fight for peace again and again.

I have faith in you.

The article was published at Voices of Youth.


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