You’re worth it

​I know how you feel. Some days, you feel like the world is weighing down on you, like you’ve had enough and are so exhausted, like you have no one around you to hold you, like you’re drowning but you’re still alive. On other days, it feels the complete opposite. My friend keeps telling me that each day is not the same. This day will go eventually. And a new day will begin. Such a simple line yet so beautiful and true. So, don’t define yourself by what you’re feeling now. Don’t hate yourself for breaking down. You’re strong and strength always surfaces when you need it the most. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. And someday, you will look back and think it was all worth it.


We’re not mature. That’s the truth. 

We are stuck in this world trying to be an adult and have authority and control. In reality, if you ever look at the bigger picture, you’ll see that little things matter. None of us have reached maturity. To be mature is to be perfect, and perfection doesn’t exist. Everybody is on a journey to learn and only few apply the knowledge they get from experience. We grow as a person, not in numbers. 

– Bezubaan (Coming soon)

Gravitating towards love 

​People gravitate towards love. As I write this one line, I reflect upon my own reality. Flashback hits me and I think of all the times I thought I was loved and my intuition warned me about the contrary. Why didn’t I Iisten to it then? I should have. But people want to be loved. It’s the universal truth. I think people always find their way to those who love them endlessly, eventually. Maybe it is necessary to meet people who pretend to love you until you find out the truth and gain some wisdom. And maybe, just maybe, you let go of them somehow at some point and meet those who really make you feel loved genuinely. Maybe going through a rough road is actually the path to reaching where you should, where you belong. As I look outside the window, people pass by, busy in their lives, I realise this journey would also result in learning to love myself in places that was missing my love; filling hate with love, insecurities with confidence. 

Yes, people gravitate towards love. 

– Bezubaan (Coming soon)


There are nights that are darker than others and sleep is a distant dream. Thoughts fill the night and there’s something to wonder. How do you live with something that is constantly trying to kill you? It’s taken some time to find the answer, but here’s a theory. You live with what ruins you from the inside, but insteading of fighting it, you embrace it. You embrace the cracks it has and fill it with love. How can you love something that kills you? You can. It’s a battle and you have to fight. You have to be a survivor. You have to keep going, because winning isn’t always about defeating the other, it’s also about embracing the fall and still not giving up. It’s about constant state of war where you’re still living. Winning is about surviving. As long as you’re fighting, you’re alive. Aren’t you one of those lucky ones who get their own battles to fight? Of course, you should be happy because it’s about being the one chosen strong enough to fight. Everyone is strong enough to fight their battles. Wear your scars as an honour. Wear your wounds as a medal. There’s so much to love about this battle and we’re just beginning. There’s something to love about the morning that follows too. Every day is a new one. Maybe in the morning your scars, wounds, and pain may shine like a star and it’ll be that wonderful day whn you realise that you’ve lived. 

– Bezubaan (Coming soon)