The world is falling apart

Bit and pieces
Of everything that’s falling
You and me
All of us
Losing out on evolution
Weapons and battles rule this time
Wars go on to develop peace
Maybe revolution isn’t about what you think
Raising voices
Spreading ideas
Power of those
Could be revolution
Displaced people due to war
And bloodshed
Finding a home
Building one
Is a revolution
Bits and pieces
Of this world falling apart
Losing its soul
Its magic
Maybe peace should be renewed
But not by wars
By building homes
In hearts
In minds
In lives of those among us

– Bezubaan (Coming soon)


Be a kid again

Let’s be a kid again
Let’s live again
Without boundaries
Without limits
Live those moments
Little ones
Go for ice cream treats
Treat yourself with chocolates
Spend time with yourself
Love people
Care for them
Live for a day
Right now
Be a kid again