Samreena Ashraf is a student born in India and brought up in the UAE. She has taken a break from college for more than a year now, capturing the experience of everything life taught her during this time and expressing them in her words.

After spending years indulging in writing as a hobby, she decided to publish her work, ‘Blue Ashes’. 

Words; they’re deep enough to drown you, sharp enough to hit you, mellow enough to melt you. Blue Ashes, a chapbook, consists poems reflecting intricacies of emotions we all experience. In a world of wanderers, it attempts to bring to all a new world to travel to. Take out a moment to disappear into your world, to read what you love, to do what you want to do. Using metaphor as a tool to express the intensity and magnitude of feelings, Blue Ashes highlights love, grief, pain, loss, and the wandering individual in every person.

Follow her on Goodreads and this blog to stay updated.

You can check her book by clicking on this link:

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